Read what residents and families are saying about Windsor Long Beach!

“Thank you for caring for Anita during the last year of her life. Windsor Gardens is a warm, loving place and she was fortunate to have people like all of you looking out for her. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.” – The Betterton Family

“Thank you! From the moment I spoke to you over the phone one year ago, you have been kind, patient, knowledgeable, and authentic. Our family is, and will always be blessed by your willingness to help. The entire staff at Windsor Gardens have been family to my grandfather … You have all helped heal and restore him! ENDLESS GRATITUDE!!”   –   The Bibbins and Garrett Families

“When I came here, I didn’t know how the facility was until I was here for a week. The food was magnificent, I enjoyed the social worker Patty, I enjoyed the CNAs, I enjoyed the Administrator, and the Assistant Administrator. The CNAs helped me with showering and dressing. I laid comfortably in bed, I love the snacks from the kitchen, and Iiked the activities at the building. Even though there were some problems, the administrator always confronted me with a smile on her face. This is the longest convalescence I have ever been in. This is a great place; I would refer other residents to Windsor Gardens of Long Beach.”   –   Tammy G.S.

“I wanted to write a note of thanks! From the moment we took a tour of this nursing home to when Robert passed, all of your staff has been so amazing. Very caring and kind. I am so grateful for each of you! Thank you for making a not-so-happy time for our family a pleasant one! I will tell everyone I know and come across about your caring home. Best wishes to you all!”  –   Anita M.

“Since I began at Windsor, I really like being here. The staff is good, and the administrator takes her time to listen and does whatever needs to be done. The room is very much clean and the food is great. Housekeeping does their work really well, and the social worker Patty takes time out to help you. The RN station is really delightful and great.”   –   Tammy G.

“Warm, compassionate, understanding, and caring are the only words I can use to describe the Windsor family! Thank you for treating my family like if they’re your family. ”  –  Phillip E.

“My family member was at this location, this nursing home is amazing. Windsor Gardens staff was professional, clean, friendly and informative during the tour. It really made me feel good about having my family member at this location. Once my family was here the nurses, treatment nurses, culinary staff, nurses assistance and everybody was amazing! They all took great care of my loved one. Placing your loved ones in the nursing home that’s on hospice is never easy, but everybody made it as pleasant experience as possible and I am so grateful to have them assist us during this process! If you’re looking for a nursing home that offers lots of engaging activities for your love ones this is the place! The staff truly are caring for who they are treating! I will brag to all my friends and family about your facility due to my experience with you guys.”   –   Shannon K.